RESPA Services for Businesses – Joint Ventures & Marketing Agreements

Are you in the mortgage settlement business and interested in exploring ways to increase your business by entering into a joint venture or setting up an affiliated business? That’s a great idea; many real estate-related companies have done just that in order to increase their bottom line. However, before you launch your new business, you need to be absolutely sure that you are not running afoul of RESPA.

As we explain in more detail on our About RESPA Page, RESPA has very strict anti-kickback and referral provisions that can trip up even the most sophisticated businesses. These rules prohibit referral fees, fee sharing and other types of business practices that seem completely lawful on their face. And if you violate RESPA, you may find yourself in some seriously hot water. RESPA violators are subject to criminal fines, civil damages, attorneys’ fees and even imprisonment.

Accordingly, before you launch your one-stop real estate shop, contact the experienced RESPA team at the RESPA Resource Law Center, one of the leading RESPA compliance law firms in the United States. The RESPA Resource Law Center team is led by Marx David Sterbcow, the principal attorney of the Sterbcow Law Group, LLC, and one of the most knowledgeable and experienced RESPA attorneys in the country. For more information about Mr. Sterbcow, feel free to read his biography.

Mr. Sterbcow and his team of RESPA attorneys can help you structure and negotiate complex, RESPA-compliant business structures and agreements, including:

  • RESPA marketing agreements
  • RESPA licensing agreements
  • RESPA joint ventures

They can also help you to avoid sham joint ventures and other RESPA traps and, once your new venture is up and running, they can keep you on track with a RESPA compliance program specially tailored to the unique needs of your business.

So, if you have any RESPA questions or you need RESPA advice, call the RESPA Resource Law Center toll-free at 877-854-2182 or email us. Your new business venture may be a great one—don’t let it fall into a RESPA minefield.

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