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Like most federal consumer protection laws, RESPA is an extremely complex statute. Real estate business practices that appear to be completely lawful may, under the RESPA microscope, violate RESPA and subject you to potentially huge civil damages and even criminal penalties.

Accordingly, if your company plays any role in the real estate settlement process—whether you run a mortgage company, title company, real estate brokerage, home warranty company, law firm, or any other type of entity impacted by RESPA—and you have set up an affiliated business or joint venture to offer your clients one stop real estate shopping, or you regularly refer business to third parties, you need to be absolutely certain that you are in total compliance with RESPA.

When you hire our experienced RESPA compliance team to handle your RESPA compliance issues, you can relax in the knowledge that your business is in the hands of one of the most experienced group of RESPA attorneys in the country. The RESPA Resource Law Center is led by Marx David Sterbcow of the Sterbcow Law Group, LLC, one of the country’s most knowledgeable RESPA lawyers. For more information about Mr. Sterbcow, feel free to read his biography.

When you retain us, we first conduct an audit of all your RESPA practices to determine whether you are in compliance with RESPA or need to change your practices and business agreements. If you need help, we will set you up with all of the required RESPA forms and RESPA agreements that you will need to stay on top of the law. Next, we’ll help you to set up systems and best practices to use in your business, and then we’ll train your employees and business partners to help you put everything into action. Then, on an ongoing basis, we monitor your RESPA practices to make sure that you stay on course, and update you as necessary when the law changes. And if you run into any legal troubles, our experienced RESPA litigators know how to fight a RESPA lawsuit and give you the RESPA advice you need to keep you out of legal trouble.

For more information about our RESPA compliance services, contact the RESPA Resource Law Center toll-free at 877-854-2182 or email us.

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