The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)

RESPA is a complex, federal consumer protection law that touches just about every player in residential real estate transactions. If you violate RESPA, you can be on the hook not only for potentially millions of dollars in damages and attorneys’ fees, but you also may face criminal penalties. And if you are a homeowner or borrower and have been victimized by a violation of RESPA, you have the right to file a federal RESPA lawsuit and to recover your losses, treble damages and attorneys’ fees.

Accordingly, if you are business facing RESPA litigation, or a homeowner who has sustained losses as a result of a RESPA violation, you need an experienced RESPA lawyer on your side, either to keep you in compliance with RESPA, to minimize your exposure if you’ve already run afoul of the law, or to fight on your behalf to recover all the damages you may be entitled to. For more information about RESPA, take a look at our About RESPA Page.

The RESPA Law Resource Center

The RESPA Law Resource Center was established by New Orleans Real Estate Lawyer Marx David Sterbcow, a Louisiana-licensed attorney and principal of the Sterbcow Law Group, LLC, a full service real estate and RESPA law firm that focuses its practice on RESPA related issues. Mr. Sterbcow founded the RESPA Resource Law Center to allow him to focus his practice on RESPA matters. He brings his RESPA expertise to bear on behalf of homeowners and RESPA settlement providers throughout the United States who need assistance in navigating this complex and highly technical statute.

RESPA Consulting

Mr. Sterbcow has devoted his legal practice to RESPA issues throughout his career, and as a result he has become one of the country’s leading RESPA lawyers. Real Estate and RESPA attorneys throughout the country who have questions about legal issues involving RESPA compliance and RESPA lawsuits regularly consult with Mr. Sterbcow on their cases in order to gain the advantage of his experience and insight into the complexities of RESPA law.

Additionally, Mr. Sterbcow works closely with all types of real estate settlement providers to ensure that their business operations and agreements are RESPA compliant. His clients include mortgage brokers and lenders, banks, real estate builders and developers, law firms, title companies, home warranty firms, real estate brokers and agents, software companies, and other business entities and settlement providers that are impacted by RESPA.

Individual Homeowners and Borrowers

Mr. Sterbcow also represents individual homeowners and borrowers who have been victimized by RESPA violations by various settlement providers. He has filed and participated in numerous RESPA lawsuits throughout the country.

Mr. Sterbcow’s practice has also expanded to include the defense of RESPA lawsuits, and he represents a wide range of settlement providers in RESPA litigation. For more information about Mr. Sterbcow, you can read his biography.

So, whether you need RESPA compliance assistance, a RESPA lawyer to handle a RESPA lawsuit, or you’re considering referring your RESPA case to an experienced RESPA litigator, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us anytime toll-free at 877-854-2182 or email us, and a member of our crack RESPA compliance or litigation team will get back to you as soon as possible.